copywriting content

Creating great content for your website, email marketing campaigns and social media is critically important. It is how you get your message across and enables people to get to know you or your business.

Great copy needs to be simple, direct, relevant, interesting and honest.  It’s purpose is to entice customers and create value for your customers.

When creating copy for a website remember that people find it harder to read content on a screen than in the printed form.  We also know that people spend less time reading content online and tend to skim read.  This means that you need to grab their attention quickly or otherwise they will move on.  Keep it simple and relevant.

Similar rules apply for email marketing and social media. Most people do not have the time or interest to read large amounts of text (with some exceptions – but it must be very relevant).  Again, keep it simple and relevant.  The key is knowing your audience and giving them what they want.

Engage your customers with quality, relevant and easy to read content.